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A new perspective of severe mental illness

L'ESPOIR (Research Laboratory about Schizophrenia and Psychosis Oriented  Towards Intervention and Recovery) is a laboratory of the Department of Psychology of University of Montreal that aims to improve treatments and services for people with severe mental disorders (psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, depression) and that aims to reduce the stigma associated with these disorders.

For a long time, researchers believed that only medication was effective in treating psychotic disorders. For many years, L'ESPOIR has been helping to demonstrate the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy and other psychosocial treatments (group or individual) for the recovery of psychotic disorders. In fact, the director, Dr. Tania Lecomte, Ph.D., has created several group psychotherapies adapted to the difficulties faced by people with severe mental disorders, who are scientifically validated in several countries. You will find the books of these different therapies in the Shop section. Tania Lecomte still practices psychology in private practice with these populations. Thus, L'ESPOIR'S research projects are different from other laboratories by the fact that they consider the clinical reality of these populations.

L'ESPOIR is an international expert in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) and stands out for its approach of recovery of psychotic disorders. L'ESPOIR is particularly interested in the role of new technologies to improve the mental health of this population, such as mobile applications, virtual reality, avatars or teletherapy. L'ESPOIR is also particularly interested in the socioprofessional reintegration of individuals with a severe mental disorder and collaborates with the Research Chair in Mental Health and Work led by researcher Marc Corbière, Ph.D. Finally, the laboratory is interested in CBTp, mindfulness, social cognition, as well as co-morbid disorders to psychotic disorders.

L'ESPOIR collaborates with many researchers, clinicians, peer helpers and international stakeholders. L'ESPOIR is also affiliated with the IUSMM (University Institute in Mental Health of Montreal). In addition, L'ESPOIR is part of the CRIPCAS (Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Conjugal Problems and Sexual Assaults) and is one of the first research laboratories to focus on marital problems in a psychotic population.