DIGITAL VERSION - CBT-SE- Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Supported Employment



The CBT-SE module aims at helping us stop and think about what we are going through before acting upon it. Many new and often unexpected challenges come along when entering or returning to the workplace. This module is built to help you develop skills to better understand and better cope with these challenges, in order to have a positive work experience.



The module is brief – it includes only 8 activities. Each activity is described in this workbook and will be carried out in the same order. Discussions are planned for each activity, as well as paper-pencil time to write down your thoughts and ideas. Confidentiality is compulsory, and we will discuss and vote on group-rules during the first meeting. The workbook also contains practical exercises that can be done at home, between activity sessions and after the end of the group sessions. Booster sessions will be scheduled once every two weeks after the end of the group in order to review concepts learned, or to work specifically on issues encountered at work. Each activity will end with a snack and socialization period.



    Laboratoire d'étude sur la schizophrénie et les psychoses orientés vers l'intervention et le rétablissement.

    Laboratory for education on schizophrenia and psychoses oriented to intervention and recovery.

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